As an NDFHA certified professional, you are entitled to numerous benefits including discounts and special offers on insurance, educational programs, fitness products, and more.


Receive 10% off NDFHA workshops, webinars, and annual conference/exhibition


Take Advantage of Our Discounted Rate. You have worked hard to establish yourself as an NDFHA certified professional, but it only takes one accident to put all of that in jeopardy. Liability insurance can help protect you and your business against lawsuits. The policy, available at a discounted rate for NDFHA professionals, can protect you against negligence or failure to perform as a competent and prudent professional under similar circumstances.

Annual Conference and Exhibition

NDFHA’s annual conference and exhibition will consist of presentations and discussions; accompanied with trade show products and entertainment. NDFHA will accommodate keynote speakers, instructors, educators, panel, and roundtable discussions. The conference and exhibition will take place annually during the month of August and will offer members a forum to express yearly concerns, recommendations, and ideas.

NDFHA Quarterly News Letter

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