The Problem:

Urban Hustle Soul Line Dance and Urban Partner dance has joined the ranks of popular social exercise dances. Prestigious fitness organizations are incorporating these genres of dance into its fitness programs, because of many serious fitness benefits. 

The dance instructor’s responsibility is not only to provide a fun filled dance class, but most importantly, to provide a safe environment for students to enjoy dance lessons. The public deserves and expects certified professionals to teach responsibly with experience. Hundreds of people that are not qualified to teach dance aerobics, or social dance classes are engaged in running potentially hazardous and unorganized classes. 

Unqualified dance instructors are endangering the public by not having the knowledge to protect the public from incorrect teaching methods, and to prevent unnecessary injury due to lack of knowledge in an aerobic group exercise format. Most instructors are not CPR certified thus may not have the knowledge to save someone life by performing CPR in a heart attack situation.

Becoming certified will enhance job professional standards, increase knowledge in dance education, and become qualified in social dance group instruction. It will further educate the instructor to protect the public from incorrect teaching methods, and to prevent unnecessary injury from lack of knowledge in a dance group format. NDFHA offers to its certified members, the opportunity to conduct certification workshops, and other executive positions.


Certification differs from one industry to another, but all certifications confirms an candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities through review, written, oral, and practical assessments. The certifying organization holds all appropriate documentations and official records conveying that the candidate is qualified to perform specific functions or practices of a social dance instructor.  Personal records are secured and reviewed only by NDFHA’s certification authorities.

Compliance with all supporting policies is mandatory. Together, they provide the framework for the application of consistent standards of responsible behavior; this will ensure that NDFHA continues to be an association that is valued and respected by the government, organizations, institutions, and educational facilities for which we are all proud to work.

Certification stays in effect for three years then recertification is required by successfully completing 20 CEUs (continuing educational units) before certification expires. This stipulation is required to assured that certified professionals stay current in dance education in a changing industry. NDFHA certification workshops takes place nationally and quarterly in various states.

• December
• March
• June
• September

 Certification Requirements:

Any legal law abiding individual from any country may apply. The legal age is eighteen (18). The applicant must be actively Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certified, and with capability of teaching Urban Hustle Soul Line Dance and Urban Partner dances. NDFHA does not discriminate against race, creed, or color.