Chicago-Style Stepping Instructor

Chicago-Style Stepping also known as Steppin, originated from Swing Dance, and is popular in the regions of Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. 

Ragtime music and style, combined with improvisation and syncopation in between beats makes this urban dance form unique. The Chicago Bop grew into Steppin, and it is more an Eastern style dance, while Steppin is more Western.

The objectives for this course is to learn the 6 count basic pattern, double and two syncopated triples rhythm patterns, understanding the downbeat, the lead, and footwork. 

Strand and Two Step Instructor

The Strand, another Philly dance, features slow dancing combined with Two Step movements, walking and opening side-to-side, with other dramatic dips and movements in-between.

The objectives for this course are to learn proper dance terminology, leading and following, hand and feet positions, walking, balance, promenade position, tempo, dips, and rhythm.

Urban Dance Wellness Instructor COMING SOON

Wellness programs consists of the mind and body coming together to promote a sense of wellbeing, self-efficacy, and enjoyment. The objective is to promote a healthy lifestyle, by encouraging physical fitness, healthy eating, and collaborating with other health organizations.

The objectives for this course are to learn how to engage the sedentary population (older adults, joint replacements, weight issues, etc). Develop a written document of program components, expected outcomes, policies, evaluation plan, behavior changes, and impact. Understand the difference between emotional, social, intellectual, financial, occupational, spiritual, mental, physical, environmental, and medical wellness.