NDFHA was founded to help improve Urban Hustle Soul Line Dance and Urban Partner dance teaching skills, and to formulate urban dance wellness programs.  The non-profit association will help promote official recognition towards physical education curriculum, and set standards for professional acknowledgment.

Founded in 2006, and incorporated in the state of Delaware in 2010, National Dance Fitness and Health Association’s (NDFHA) founder, Paula Chandler-Paramore is also President and CEO of Soul Line Dance Health and Fitness Corporation (SLD), founded in September 1998, and incorporated in the state of Delaware 2001. SLD conducts business in the tri-state area, recognized nationally and internationally as a professional entity. 


NDFHA’s vision is to certify qualified candidates in the art of Urban Hustle Soul Line Dance, Urban Partner dance genres, and Urban Dance Wellness programs. This system of national certification will distinguish to the consumer, qualified fitness dance professionals that have acquired universal standards of practical knowledge, skills, and competency in teaching urban social dances. The certification will promote injure free classes and enhance job opportunities.


Mission and Goals:

NDFHA is a national nonprofit dance fitness and health association dedicated for providing, Urban Hustle Soul Line Dance, Urban Partner dance education in teaching skills, techniques, and conducting, Urban Dance Wellness programs. The association provides cognitive and practical national certification programs, and training curriculums, that will provide the instructor, membership, education in anatomy, physiology, dance, fitness safety, business, and music fundamentals. The association will conduct research studies that targets social dance genre trends, with the probability to improve health, and social behaviors.

The purpose of the association is to help develop a better understanding in regards to the dance instructors’ teaching proficiency, offer education to improve practices and professional standards in teaching, and training.


• Establish a national membership network system.

• Serve NDFHA’s professionals by developing programs and 

  certifications that are beneficial.

• Create a national forum to stimulate understanding, acceptance, and 

  the importance of dance education.

• Maintain a national voice to be heard by members in matters concerning

  dance, education, and similar objectives.


• Network with similar industry organizations to advance the knowledge

 of dance education and professional practices.

• Establish standards for the development of academic and

  professional competency at the beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels. 

•To assure members that NDFHA’s dance programs provide competent teachers, sound 

  curriculums and guaranteed confidence of attaining any specified objective. 

• Express the important of a safe injure free environment for students to dance and learn.

• Conduct monthly Skype governing board meeting to address needs and concerns.

• Keep the body, mind, and spirit attuned, while encouraging self-esteem, 

  self-efficacy and fun.